Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I got an email from my friends today, my foster dogs' owners. She said she couldn't comment because they were in Spanish. That does not make any sense to me because they are all in English to me. It is so odd. Anyone else have a similar problem?

Friday, February 23, 2007


Bad dog!

Rescued dogs

The girls were both 'dumped' and rescued by their owners at two different times. Both have had health issues. Pacific had hip surgery and is still a little stiff moving. C-air-a has lupus and a heart thing going on from the lupus meds. They have a nice bed to use if they want to stretch out.

More of C-air-a and Pacific.

They have more comfy furniture. C-air-a is a camera hog. Pacific is usually under my feet, nudging at my legs for scratches while I'm trying to take pics. This sofa is on the deck where they can get a different view of the world on warm days.

I brush them......

Can anyone explain why dog's aren't bald after shedding an equal number of pounds to their size?
And I mow their lawn and keep it clean (ewwwww!!!) I don't know why I got double pictures and I don't know how to delete them.
I also grow pretty flowers for the dogs (and me)

I wish I could figure out......

How to post the pics in order from top to bottom. They have a kitchen and comfy furniture.

Going, Going, Gone

She ran off to my house. Had to hop back in my car and get her.